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Personal Accident Insurance


The KBIS Personal Accident policy provides 24/7 worldwide coverage, not only when riding and handling horses, but also for accidents and illnesses sustained at other times.

As a standalone policy it offers a broader level of protection and higher benefits than typically found within a horse insurance policy or association membership. The cover includes both lump sum payments, should you suffer a significant injury, and weekly benefits (Temporary Total Disablement), linked to income, payable if you are unable to work due to an illness or injury.

Cover Available

Three different levels of cover are available; Bronze, Silver and Gold, the cover benefits offered under each level are outlined in the table below:

Accidental death £20,000 £50,000  £100,000
Loss of one eye £10,000 £25,000   £50,000
Loss of two eyes £20,000 £50,000 £100,000
Loss of one limb £10,000 £25,000  £50,000
Loss of two limbs £20,000 £50,000  £100,000
Permanent total disablement  £40,000 £100,000   £200,000
Temporary total disablement  £100 per week £250 per week   £500 per week
Dental  £2,000  £3,000  £5,000

Please note the maximum benefit payable under temporary total disablement is limited to 75% of the insured person’s weekly salary. 

Illness cover is only available for individuals between 16 and 65 years of age. Temporary total disability benefits available for policyholders above 16 years of age. Policyholder must be domiciled within the UK.

Riding Activity Groups

It is important to ensure that you are insured for the highest level at which you are riding/competing.

The table below shows the categorising of riding activities for the purpose of this policy. Please refer to these activity groups and notify KBIS should your group change during the policy period.


Hacking, driving, showing, dressage, horse handling, breaking, riding club activities, unafiliated and affiliated showjumping, endurance riding, western riding, vaulting, cross country schooling, hunting, hunter trials, non-competive driving, flat racing & arab racing. 


As per group A plus: Cross country team chasing, affiliated eventing (BE90 & BE100), unafiliated eventing, competitive driving, polo & polo cross.


As per group A & B plus: Steeplechasing, hurdle-racing, point to pointing, hunterchasing (amateur riders only), BE or IHTA 3 day events, affiliated eventing novice & above. 

THE COST & HoW do I get a quote?

The table below shows the premium payable depending on the level of cover you wish to take out and the level at which you are riding.   The prices indicated are inclusive of your 10% EEA members discount.

To receive a quotation you will need to complete the relevant online proposal form, just click on your selection below and it will take you to the form in the members area. You will receive your quotation from KBIS within 1 working day.  You must be an EEA member to apply for a quote at the discounted rate. 



Choose the LEVEL that is right for you:



GROUP A   £126.16 per year or
£11.35 per month
GROUP B   £202.66 per year or 
£18.24 per month
GROUP C   £295.80 per year or 
£26.62 per month




GROUP A   £259.21 per year or 
£23.33 per month
GROUP B   £433.30 per year or 
£39.00 per month
GROUP C   £651.73 per year or 
£58.66 per month




GROUP A   £470.99 per year or 
£42.39 per month
GROUP B   £802.53 per year or 
£72.23 per month
GROUP C   £1224.98 per year or 
£110.25 per month


Please note the above prices include Insurance Premium Tax at 12% and a Documentation Fee of £17.50. The Monthly instalment amount includes 8% interest charge. 15.4% APR. For the full Terms and Conditions of KBIS Personal Accident Insurance please click here 

Premiums quoted are subject to standard underwriting criteria and the Terms, Conditions, Exclusions and Limitation of the policy. The prices quoted are not available to a customer who has been the subject of a claim in the last 5 years or for any individual who has had a policy terminated or quotation/renewal declined by the insurer. These prices are only available to current members of the Equestrian Employers Association.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is personal accident insurance?

Personal Accident insurance provides compensation to the policyholder for specified injuries, disability or death. The policy offered by KBIS has a choice of three different levels of cover and ensures that you are covered while : 

  • At work 
  • Riding 
  • Engaged in non-equestrian pasttimes
  • Cover is included for both accident and illness
  • Includes weekly benefits if you are temporary unable to work

Will I be covered when I am abroad?

Yes. There are no geographical restrictions on the policy, you are covered anywhere in the world. The policy does not include cover for repatriation (getting you home after an injury) or any medical expenses, so if abroad you should still consider an appropriate travel insurance policy.

Will it cover me when I am riding my own horses?

Yes the policy will cover you when riding, whether schooling at home, hacking or competing and also when handling horses. It includes riding you own and other peoples horses however you must ensure you are in the correct activity group for the level at which you are riding. You can amend your activity group during the policy period.

It also covers you for an injury or illness sustained at other times, outside of your riding activities, for example if you were in a car accident. Any specific activities which aren’t covered are noted clearly in the policy terms and conditions.

Why should I have it?

Riding is a risk sport as is handling horses, so it is important to consider what would happen in the event of a serious accident and how the benefits provided through a comprehensive personal accident policy may help. The most claimed upon benefit on a personal accident policy is temporary total disablement (TTD). TTD pays a weekly amount, based on your income and the level of cover you take out, should your injury or illness prevent you from working. This benefit can be hugely important, providing additional financial security in the event of a long term injury.

The benefit of taking out cover through EEA KBIS Personal Accident policy is that it is designed to cover professional equestrians, with the added advantage of also covering your general day to day activities. A non-equine insurer may not be able to provide adequate cover for your riding/business activities.

MY travel insurance includes personal accident insurance?

As with any insurance policy, the terms of cover and benefits offered under a travel insurance policy vary between providers. So you should refer to you certificate of insurance and the terms and conditions to see what the limitations of the policy are. Benefits offered under travel insurance can include some level of personal accident cover, such as medical expenses, but these are usually designed only to provide cover whilst you are travelling/abroad, not in your day to day working life.

Travel insurance can be a sensible option for when you are abroad as it can offer different benefits to those provided on an annual personal accident policy. It is important however to always disclose any insurance cover you already have in place and also ensure the policy covers you for the purpose of your trip, especially if it will involve riding/competing and is in connection with your business activities.

MY membership with BD/BE/BS includes personal accident?

You should check the terms and conditions of any cover you have in place as part of a membership to a governing body.

Sometimes the coverage provided is restricted to recreational purposes only, so as a professional earning a living from their equestrian activities you wouldn’t be covered.

if I were to be injured I could still teach couldn’t I?

If you are able to carry on with your business activities, such as teaching, then you won’t be entitled to the temporary total disablement (TTD) benefit under your policy.

If you have been signed off by a medical practitioner as unfit to work and are claiming TTD then you should strictly adhere to this and shouldn’t be working in any capacity.

Would I get Statutory Sick Pay if I was injured?

Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) is paid by a business when an employee is too ill to work and has been off work for four or more days.

Whether or not you are eligible depends on your terms of employment.

To get a successful claim would I have to prove all my earnings?

Yes to claim on the temporary total disablement section of the policy you will need to be able to evidence your earnings, whether through tax returns/payslips, as the payments are based on your income. Payments will take effect after the excess period; these are the first 14 days of an accident and 21 days of a sickness. They are payable for up to 104 weeks.

Why is my insurance more expensive than my grooms?

The personal accident policy KBIS provides to grooms through the BGA is not a like for like policy. It offers different cover benefits at different levels and does not include cover for illness (unless arising from an accident.) It is also offered under different terms, all of which effect the premium charged.




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