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“As a livery yard owner, the support from the EEA has been invaluable in the employment of our staff and the efficient running of the business.”

Day Dressage

EEA Member

“We decided we were going to do things differently, I just wasn't always sure how to do it! The EEA has all the solutions to employing staff legally.”

D & L Performance Horses

EEA Member

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The Equestrian Employers Association (EEA) is the organisation for you if you employ staff in the equestrian industry.

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The Code of Good Employment

The Code of Good Employment is designed for equestrian employers of all sizes and all sectors of our industry.

It guides employers to take ownership of their own governance and offers a framework to develop and strengthen employment practices and business operations. The diversity of equestrian businesses that sign up to the Code, is a testament to its relevance and flexibility.

Why Good Employment Matters

If adopted, the Code’s principles should ensure that an equestrian business is a Good Employer. This means it is legally compliant, professional, caring and a happy place for staff to work.

To pledge to the Code and gain your signatory logo, you must be a member of the Equestrian Employers Association.

How the Code Works

"The Code has been the catalyst to change in our yard. Since we adopted it:

  • Our staff are much happier and working with more confidence.
  • We have a far better team atmosphere which benefits all.
  • I have the peace of mind knowing that my business is legally compliant and protected.

I feel that my staff and horses are thriving in this new culture that we have implemented, and recommend all employers to work through the principles of the Code of Good Employment as it really does benefit all.”

Ali Dane, Livery Yard Owner

The Principles of The Code

Requirements are adhered to in order to be compliant and protect your business.
  • A. Correct employment status of staff.
  • B. Written contracts provided to all workers and employees.
  • C. Staff Handbook with policies in place available for staff.
  • D. Fair and transparent recruitment process
The statutory laws regarding salaries are observed.
  • A. Paying at least the National Minimum/Living Wage.
  • B. Salaries reviewed on an annual basis
  • C. Compliance of PAYE, payslips and pension regulations.
  • D. Accommodation regulations adhered to
An organised and caring culture to ensure staff feel valued and happy.
  • A. Holiday leave planned and taken.
  • B. Sickness policy and procedures exist.
  • C. Maternity/paternity requirements adhered to.
  • D. Periodic appraisals for staff.
  • E. Training and development opportunities for staff if desired.
  • F. Team culture which embraces good two-way communication.
  • G. Bullying or harassment in any form is not tolerated.
The laws regarding having a safe workplace are adhered to.
  • A. The legally required insurance is in place.
  • B. Strict adherence to Health and Safety

EEA Toolkit

These tools are included in your membership and will help you to achieve the Code of Good Employment.


Follow the five stage creator to produce your legally complaint employment contracts.
Learn More
Select your own policies and rules plus upload your company logo to create a bespoke Handbook.
Learn More
Every yard should have a bespoke version of this important document. This tool makes it easy.
Learn More
Producing bespoke risk assessments are made easy by using this online health and safety tool.
Learn More

Ambassadors of Good Employment

The Good Employment Ambassadors have all signed up to the Code of Good Employment


I am delighted to be a Good Employment Ambassador. I believe in creating a working environment which cares for staff, provides a clear structure and treats everyone fairly. I feel that it is crucial for employers to be legally compliant in order to safeguard their business and promote the equine industry as a safe and rewarding place to work.

Stallion AI Services, employs 27 staff


The team around me are an integral part of what I do and the success we achieve. Good and correct employment is paramount; not just for my yard but for the retention of the workforce and the future of the equestrian industry. I am proud to be a signatory of the Code.

Olympic Gold medallist and employer of 4 grooms


We are proud to be a Good Employment Ambassador. Our yard is a grass roots yard, as such we are setting a foundation for potential equestrians of the future. By setting a good example we show young people that the equestrian industry is a good and safe place to work.

Kingsmead Equestrian Centre owner and employer of 9 grooms


I offer my staff a good job here, they are paid well and looked after. Good Employment is important. I think it is really important to do it right. My office team used the EEA Contract Creator, it was great and so easy.

Multiple Olympian and 2016 Individual Gold medallist


I’m proud to sign up to the Code of Good Employment initiative, and to be an Ambassador of Good Employment within the equestrian community. We owe so much to our grooms. My groom Claire is invaluable in leading my team, and I have no hesitation in ensuring that I am a good, caring and legal employer.

Olympic Team Silver medallist and employer of 1 groom


With the equestrian industry moving forward, I feel it is now exceptionally important to employ correctly, not only for the employer but for the employees to feel comfortable in their roles with clear structure. The Code of Good Employment was very useful as a check to make sure we are doing everything correctly.

Chloe and Shane BreenInternational Showjumpers and employers of 6 grooms

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