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“As a livery yard owner, the support from the EEA has been invaluable in the employment of our staff and the efficient running of the business.”

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“We decided we were going to do things differently, I just wasn't always sure how to do it! The EEA has all the solutions to employing staff legally.”

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The Equestrian Employers Association (EEA) is the organisation for you if you employ staff in the equestrian industry.

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New Board of Directors to deliver next steps

28th May 2024

The British Grooms Association (BGA) and the Equestrian Employers Association (EEA), are excited to announce the next step in delivering their vision as previously laid out within their Strategic Plan 2023-2027. (BGA Strategy / EEA Strategy).

An army of experts have been recruited to join the Non-Executive Board of Directors of the British Grooms and Equestrian Employers Group (BGEEG), which is responsible for both the BGA and the EEA.

Directors of business, education, people, digital, finance, insight and integrity, as well as a board secretary, join the BGA and EEA teams.

Last week the new Board held an in-person meeting, and the team is enthusiastic about the next steps for the associations.

The implementation of this stronger Board is key to the next stage for the organisations. The collective focus is on growth, and the rise towards 5,000 members; the larger the associations grow, the stronger the voice is of those within the industry.

Since the formation of the BGA in 2007, the team has campaigned for increased recognition of the outstanding work that grooms carry out daily.

Although some sectors of the industry have upped their game by including the grooms within announcements and prize giving’s, there is still a long way to go to bring this industry to be a place of only Good Employment.

While the BGA works hard to educate all grooms to understand what Good Employment is, (and encourage them to accept nothing less), the EEA strives to support employers, giving them the knowledge and tools needed to provide Good Employment.

Both the BGA and the EEA are working together to achieve their Vision, it requires collaboration to bring about change.


Join us to help change the landscape

The BGA and EEA continue their mission to advocate, educate on, and support Good Employment, as they positively believe that this is the only way to sustain the workforce of the industry.


If you're not a member yet, find out more about the benefits and how each association can support you.





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