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Equestrian Property Insurance


Property Insurance

Covering both private residential properties with equestrian facilities as well as commercial riding establishments, KBIS property insurance offers flexible, bespoke cover for your individual requirements.

Specifically designed for equestrian properties, the policy can provide cover for everything from stables and barns to arena surfaces and yard equipment, down to your wheelbarrows. When required you can also cover your own residential property, including contents insurance, and any staff accommodation, whether a house, flat or caravan. 

The policy also offers protection for business interruption, providing financial compensation for any loss of revenue following such events as fire, flood or theft which leave you unable to carry out your normal business activities providing.


Cover Available

  • Residential Buildings and contents
  • Staff Accommodation
  • Equestrian Buildings and outbuildings
  • Yard Equipment & Machinery
  • Outdoor and indoor schools
  • Horse walkers and equine pools
  • All weather gallops
  • Saddlery & Tack
  • Hay, straw and feed
  • Business Interruption

Please note all quotations are subject to standard underwriting criteria, Terms and Conditions. To view the full Terms and Conditions of the KBIS Equestrian Property Insurance policy please click here

EEA Members get a 15% discount on KBIS Property Insurance and can apply via the quote form in the Members Account Area. If you are not yet an EEA Member join here for just £49.50 per year. 

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Property Insurance FAQs

Do I need a specialist equestrian property insurance policy?

If you are looking for insurance for a private residential property which has some stables then some standard household policies may extend cover to include your stables and barns under the section ‘Outbuildings’. However they are unlikely to provide cover for non-standard buildings, arenas, horse walkers, machinery and hay and straw.

When running an equestrian business from your property, such as a livery yard, you will need to place your insurance with a specialist provider. Using an equestrian specialist will not only ensure you can get sufficient cover but they will also understand your business needs and will be more knowledgeable of the industry and the risks to insure.

Does the policy cover standard household contents?

Yes, if you choose to you can include cover for your home including contents insurance. Under the ‘contents’ section of the policy cover can be provided for everything from valuable jewellery and paintings to your clothing and personal effects, electronic equipment, personal money and credit cards, right down to the contents of your fridge or freezer!

We have a small tractor, can I insure this?

Yes the policy can include cover for farm machinery, as well as quad bikes, under the section entitled ‘Establishments Contents’. Under this section you can also include cover for your saddlery and tack and hay, straw and feed, items that you wouldn’t be able to cover under a standard household policy.

How much should I expect to pay?

Due to the flexibility of the policy and choice of cover options available there is no fixed cost and every quote is specific to the type of property and level of cover being requested. A number of factors will affect the cost of the policy but the most influencing factors will be the level of cover being taken out, the type of buildings, i.e. their construction, and what they will be used for.

The underwriters will look at each case, or on an as needed basis, to design a policy to suit the insured requirements.

As an EEA member you will of course be entitled to a 15% discount on the policy subject to having no claims in the past five years.

What can I do to help lower my premium?

The cost of the policy is largely down to the construction of the building and what it is being used for. Buildings which are considered to be of standard construction, such as brick, block or stone, with a slate or tile roof are likely to be cheaper to insure than a timber building - factors to consider when purchasing a property. In addition the use of a building can also increase your premium, for instance the storage of hay and straw.

If possible try and keep the storage of combustible items in an isolated position/barn. Think also about the security measures you have in place, alarms on your home and tack room, metal bars on any tack room windows and use of security lighting. The lower the risk to the insurer the lower your premium should be.

In the event of a claim how will I be compensated?

The policy is designed to work on a reinstatement basis; that is to put you back in the same position as before the loss, so it is important to make sure the sums insured are adequate and that you’re not underinsured! It is also important to keep receipts for any large purchases as in an event of a claim you will need to provide proof of purchase.

additional cover when running my own business fROm the premises?

You may want to consider including insurance against business interruption, which covers you for loss of income during periods when you cannot carry out business as usual due to an unexpected event.

The cover is designed to put your business back in the same trading position as it was before the event occurred and would normally cover such incidents as damage caused to your premises or equipment from fire, storm or flooding. It is important to remember to advise your insurer of any change in circumstances during the policy period, such as the change in use of any buildings, building which have become unoccupied or any change to the business itself.




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