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“As a livery yard owner, the support from the EEA has been invaluable in the employment of our staff and the efficient running of the business.”

Day Dressage

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“We decided we were going to do things differently, I just wasn't always sure how to do it! The EEA has all the solutions to employing staff legally.”

D & L Performance Horses

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The Equestrian Employers Association (EEA) is the organisation for you if you employ staff in the equestrian industry.

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The Equestrian Employers Association (EEA) membership provides invaluable support to all that employ staff and run equestrian businesses. Membership has terms and conditions as follows: 


  • Membership to the Equestrian Employers Association is for 12 months and is non refundable or transferable. 
  • All membership cancellations must be received in writing to 
  • Duplicate memberships will be treated as individual memberships.The EEA holds no responsibility for duplication, it is for the individual to cancel their second membership. No refunds will be issued in the case of duplicate memberships. 
  • Membership to the EEA does not give voting rights within the organisation. 
  • It being in our legitimate interest to do so, we will contact you both by post and, when applicable by email, to update you on your Membership status including reminders when it is due to expire.
  • Members may also be contacted up to 18 months after the expiry date of their membership asking them to re-join. If you do not want to receive these communications please inform the Membership office either by phone or by email.


  • Payment is by annual Direct Debit.
  • The initial payment must be collected by the EEA prior the member cancelling the Direct Debit.
  • Your payment will be taken from your bank account on an annual basis at the end of the month. 
  • The member is liable to pay the full cost of membership if the initial Direct Debit is not collected. The EEA will contact the member if a cancellation occurs prior this first settlement of fees. 
  • We do not store your bank details
  • If you wish to cancel your Direct Debit, please inform your bank and the EEA in plenty of time before your membership is due for renewal.
  • If you do not want to renew your membership you should contact us by email at any point within your 12 month period and no later than 5pm on the working day preceding your renewal date. You are required to inform us if you change your correspondence address (both email and postal). We will not be liable for any non-receipt of communication from us, including non-receipt of the renewal reminder.
  • There is a 14-day ‘cooling off’ period following the start of a new or renewed EEA membership during which time you are legally entitled to cancel it.
  • If you realise the error within this period, then you must contact us immediately to cancel, although you may incur some pro-rata costs for the time lapsed and £5.00 administration charge.
  • Subject to any other statutory rights you may have, we do not provide refunds for any cancellations after the expiry of the cooling off period.



What it means for YOU - Everything you tell us will be in absolute confidence. No-one outside of EEA will be informed without your consent, except in the very exceptional circumstances detailed below, when we would have a duty to disclose. Even in these circumstances, wherever possible, your consent would be sought.

What it means for US
Everyone who works within EEA is required to follow this confidentiality code no matter who they are. Exceptional circumstances are if there is a risk of harm to you or to others.

The EEA aims to help all those employed as a groom with any personal difficulty by providing a confidential, professional, specialised service.

The support provided is for information purposes only and the EEA takes no responsibility for the actions taken as a result of the advice given. It is recommended that you obtain independent legal advice if required.

All personal information is treated in accordance with the GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 which gives you the right to see and have a copy of the personal information held on you. 

We are GDPR Complaint. Read the Members Privacy Notice 


EEA Members Information

EEA uses its best efforts to ensure the accuracy and reliability of information provided, however, no guarantees are given that the information contained within the website, associated with the website or linked to the website is accurate, complete or current.

We reserve the right to change website content at any time and without notice. Any information appearing on this website is issued as general information and is not warranted by EEA.

No responsibility can be accepted by EEA for any act or omission resulting from the use of information or services contained within this website. The content of this website is for information only and is not intended to be a substitute for legal advice. 

The information in the Members Zone is for information purposes only and the EEA takes no responsibility for the actions taken as a result of the advice given.  It is recommended that you obtain independent legal advice if required.



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