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“As a livery yard owner, the support from the EEA has been invaluable in the employment of our staff and the efficient running of the business.”

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“We decided we were going to do things differently, I just wasn't always sure how to do it! The EEA has all the solutions to employing staff legally.”

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The Equestrian Employers Association (EEA) is the organisation for you if you employ staff in the equestrian industry.

Pension & Payroll solutions

The EEA have partnered up with PC Payroll & Legal to help equestrian employers be compliant with pension and payroll (paying your employees salaries, tax and NI) requirements, and to offer a bespoke price and service which understands the equine world. 

  • Want to avoid the stress of dealing with HMRC or trying to make tax calculations by yourself?
  • Received your business pension staging date? Confused about what you must do next? 
  • Employing staff but unsure as to what the legal requirements are for pensions and payroll?
  • Would like to simply hand it all over to someone else to be your payroll manager and get it done for you?

Employing staff can be a daunting challenge. Fear not! EEA Pension & Payroll services start from as little as £21 per month or £245 per year. (All prices include VAT). Get your equestrian payroll service at a discounted rate and from a trusted payroll provider. 


Discounted Rates for Payroll Services, exclusively for EEA Members. 


Key features

All you need to do is agree the salary you’ll pay your staff, provide us with some basic details and we will do the rest, relieving you of the stress and hassle. It is an annual service and fees can be paid monthly or annually.

Within all our services is the help of a friendly and practical team who are on hand 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have.


The comprehensive specialist service includes:

  • Registering you as an employer for PAYE with HM Revenue & Customs (“HMRC”)
  • Liaising with HMRC and answering all letters and phone calls from HMRC on your behalf
  • Calculating gross pay from net pay or net pay from gross pay
  • Providing monthly or weekly payslips and summaries
  • Providing details and full payment guidance in respect of all tax and NI payments to HMRC to allow tax and NI payments to be paid directly by you
  • Dealing with all pension queries and calculating all pension contributions into a pension scheme
  • Dealing with any Maternity Pay and reclaim
  • Calculating holiday entitlements and sick pay
  • Providing telephone support and advice on any pension or pay issue
  • Providing P45 if employee leaves
  • Submitting Annual Return – P35 and P14 (if required)
  • Providing employee with P60 at year end



All prices are at a discounted rate and inclusive of VAT.  The discounted rates are only available to you if you have purchased EEA Membership

1 EMPLOYEE £21 per month
£245 per year
2 EMPLOYEES £30 per month
£360 per year
3 EMPLOYEES £38 per month
£456 per year
4+ EMPLOYEES* £46 per month
£552 per year


All options include pension and payroll full services. It is a legal requirement to offer your staff a pension, providing they meet the qualifying criteria and we will organise it all for you.

It is an annual service and fees can be paid monthly or annually. For the Terms and Conditions of the service read here

Our Pension & Payroll service is offered by our partner, PC Payroll & Legal who can be contacted:  020 8979 6453 









What is payroll?

Payroll is the legal record of regular salary calculations for an employee, including wages, bonuses and deductions. The primary mission of payroll is to ensure that all employees are paid accurately and timely with the correct withholdings and deductions with regards tax and national insurance contributions, and to ensure such withholdings and deductions are paid accordingly and on time to HMRC.

What are prices for more than 4 employees?

5 Employees (£50/£600), 6 Employees (£54/£648), 7 Employees (£58/£696)

What is PAYE?

Pay As You Earn is the method of calculating tax, employee and employer National Insurance due to HMRC through an employer’s payroll each time your employees are paid.

Can I not just do it all myself? 

Yes you can.  However, you will need to be register yourself with HMRC as an employer and then learn to deal with current HMRC legislation, deadlines, rates, thresholds, etc. as well as dealing with pension auto-enrolment and pension calculations all of which takes time and patience.

I already have my accountants do my payroll. Can I get you to do the pensions & them payroll?

Pension & payroll go hand in hand. 

As pensions are based on the gross amount that an eligible employee is entitled to, they are completely interlinked with the payroll as payments will reflect the relevant monthly payment made through the payroll to that employee.

So for example, if an employee takes sick leave or unpaid leave, this will have an effect on their gross monthly payment and therefore their pension contributions.

  It is advised that you enquire about the current cost of the your payroll provision, and increased cost of pension provision and then compare it to BGA Pension & Payroll costs.

Payroll provision and company accounts are not linked and can be provided by two separate companies. 

Who are the most common pension providers?

Where can I get more advice about pensions?

I think I pay below the National Minimum Wage, can I still use your services? 

Yes, but there are very few circumstances where it is not illegal to pay below the National Minimum Wage.  We would advise accordingly.

Anyone who is earning £113 or more per week in their only job needs to be placed on their employer’s payroll. If an employee has another job, then they automatically should be on the payroll with you.

Do I pay the money directly into my employees bank accounts? 

We will provide monthly payslips and unless you pay your employees weekly, you should pay the stated monthly net pay via the method agreed with your employees.

I pay my staff weekly – can I still do that?

You can continue to pay your employees weekly, however, we will issue payslips on a monthly basis reflecting the weekly equivalent.

Please note that there are not exactly 4 weeks in a month so the monthly payslip will show the equivalent of 4.3 weeks’ pay. You should be aware that you may need to top up monthly to ensure your employees receive what they are entitled to on their payslip.

I don’t think that my staff will want a pension, do I still have to ask them? 

If they are 22 or over, and earning £10,000.00 or more per annum, they will need to be auto-enrolled into a pension scheme with a pension provider of your choice.  However, your qualifying employees will be able to opt out if they so wish within the first month of auto-enrolment. 

It is illegal for employers must not encourage their employees to opt out of auto enrolment.

What happens if I just want pensions but not payroll?

We are unable to provide a pension service without full details of your employees’ pay as the two are connected.

One of my staff is part time. Does she still need a payroll and pension?

Anyone earning £113.00 or more per week should be on a payroll, and if they are over 22 and are earning £10,000.00 or more per annum she will have to be auto enrolled into a pension scheme.

How long does my new member of staff have to be with me before I have to register them for a pension? 

If you are past your staging date, any new member of staff will be eligible for auto enrolment upon commencement.

What is a staging date? 

Your staging date is the date that your automatic enrolment duties come into effect. We can advise you of when that will be of you are an existing employer or when you may expect it to be if you are registering as an employer for the first time.

I haven’t yet received my staging date, when should it come?

HMRC inform The Pensions Regulator that you are an employer once they receive your first payment of PAYE, so you should hear soon after then.  The latest date for auto enrolment is currently set at 1 February 2018.

I have always paid my staff cash, can I still do this? 

Yes, you can pay your staff by any method agreed by both parties but it is a legal requirement to provide your employees with a payslip as a record of payment and of their wages, bonuses and deductions for tax and National Insurance Contributions etc. This is crucial for your employees as a record for obtaining bank loans, mortgages etc.

If I am honest I have never paid my staff through HMRC – does this matter? 

A call to HMRC will establish how far you will be required to backdate your payroll details and payments. We can help and deal with HMRC on your behalf and guide you through it all.

Will my staff get payslips and where are they sent to? 

Payslips will be emailed to you for checking.  Once you are satisfied that they meet your expectations, you should then either email them to your employees or print them out for manual distribution.

So is there really nothing for me to do once I register? 

Once you register your responsibility is to pay your employees and pay HMRC.

  If your PAYE liabilities are above £1,500.00 per month, we will send you monthly P32s informing you of the amount of tax and National Insurance to pay to HMRC on your employees’ behalves and how to pay it; the figure will also include any employer’s NI that will be due.
  If your liabilities are below £1,500.00 per month, we will send you P32s on a quarterly basis.  You will otherwise need to let us have details of any new starters, leavers, any overtime, unpaid leave, etc. 

Also once you are informed of your pension staging date you will be required to open an account with a pension provider of your choice, which once is set-up we can administer for you.

We can guide you through everything and although daunting we can assure you that it is relatively simple and we are there to guide you and answer any queries you may have.



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